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  2. The pivot reports are useful in Meisterplan for pinning down exactly the data to report, however the Excel export of these pivots is unusable in other tools as it leverages simple grouped columns to replicate the pivot. Would it be possible to add an option to output the pivot results as a CSV in addition to Excel? Each line of the CSV would duplicate the hierarchy. So: OBS Role Name Allocation1 Allocation2 Would become OBS Role Name Allocation1 OBS Role Name Allocation2
  3. Brian

    csv export

    The current Excel export report is great for use in imports to other tools (ie - we are using Quickbase to collect data and report against projects). However, I'd love to see this report export a CSV file for greater compatibility, rather than XLSX.
  4. Hi Matthias, I have been working on imputing my company's OBS structure into Meisterplan but now I want to display the OBS structure using Reports. As of now I have created a "Pivot&Charts:Projects, Allocations, and Capacities" but I don't think it is the most effective way of showing the structure. Since not every department has the same number of levels (filtered as Department 1, Department 2, Department 3 in Meisterplan) I am getting a lot of "No Value" tabs in my Report. Another issue I am continuously running into is that when I filter to just show "Resource Names" but Roles appear as well. Therefore, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to visually show the OBS chart in Meisterplan and only filter to show "Resources" and no roles.
  5. Hi all, this month's Round Table was all about the new Meisterplan reporting type "Pivot & Charts: Projects, Allocations and Capacities". You can find more information related to this topic in the Meisterplan Help Center Thanks to the Meisterplanners who took part in the Round Table, we had a lively discussion. Please find the Meeting Minutes attached. Looking forward to seeing you at the next Round Table! Manuel Schneider 2019 July Minutes.pdf
  6. We are excited to announce that combined reporting for projects, allocations and capacities is now available. This allows you to view allocation and capacity in a single chart, and reduces the number of reports to be maintained. Be sure to check out the full Release Notes here, as we’ve made a lot of adjustments to make configuring and running reports easier! What do you think of our latest update? We'd love to hear from you, so please comment here or contact us at cs@meisterplan.com.
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