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  3. Hello, Since the release of the Jira integration, Meisterplan for Jira, we have received a large amount of feedback from our customers and partners - we're excited to have a community that helps to improve Meisterplan every day! And we'll continue to turn your feedback into improvements. Today we enabled static IP addresses for Meisterplan SaaS systems, which helps network administrators connect Jira Server instances (as well as other applications) to Meisterplan more securely. How do you use Meisterplan for Jira, and how can we better support you in the future? Share your stories in the Quest, or let us know at mail@meisterplan.com.
  4. Has there been any movement on this? This would be an excellent feature. I would also wish to compare these as part of the report function. Thanks
  5. I love the ability to get smart with budgets in MP however what i feel i am missing is the ability to set a budget and create reports based on how I compare to that budget. is this possible ? Thanks
  6. Is there anyway to map change control events in MP? The link between portfolio planning, project planning and resource planning would be a lot easier if we were able to set notifications as well as change request procedures. Thanks
  7. Hi I have a couple of comments on report functionality It would be good if i could disable either the horizontal or Vertical grand totals. When exporting to excel this makes it harder to create lookup tables etc. The Scroll bars in the reports page are not obvious and we have had quite a few of our people struggle with this. Not being able to hide parents but keep child relationship data could be better, for instance. I would like to hide Resource Department 1,2 & 4 fields and only show Resource Department 3 if i could add a custom formula field this would be excellent not sure why i can not add the calendar field to a report? when I add new fields to MP it would be great if i could also use these fields in my report. Thanks
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  9. Hi Almirz, thank you for your question. There are two good options to remove completed projects from your current plan of record. 1. You can create two portfolios: a) portfolio "Current projects" (includes projects in all stages except completed projects) an b) portfolio "Completed projects" (includes projects in stage "completed") > I would prefer this option. You find more information how to do it in this helpcenter article . 2. Change the date range (Month before current = 1, see screenshot). By changing the date range, all completed projects before the chosen range will be excluded from the portfolio and disappear (alas they have a financial event within the set date range). This is a user specific setting though, which also impacts your reports, so if you want to use it, be aware that reports might show different numbers than for your colleagues. Does this help you?
  10. Hi All, a very quick question. What does everyone here do with completed projects? That is: do you remove (delete) the project from plan of record once it completes? do you create a new scenario for completed projects and move completed projects there (though I can't find an easy way of doing this)? do you just move completed projects to the bottom of the plan of record below cut-off (does not make a lot of logical sense)? Wanted to get some thoughts and thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, We have started working on the new Meisterplan REST API, with which you’ll be able to better integrate Meisterplan into your tools and processes. Your developers can take a look at the first API draft, which contains sample requests and responses, here: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/publicAPI/MeisterplanBeta/0.0.1 As work progresses, we’ll post updates in the Help Center: https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024302652-Meisterplan-REST-API-Preview- If you’re a developer, we’d be happy to hear your comments, questions or feedback at api-feedback@meisterplan.com.
  12. Hi Julia, that is a very interesting question! I´d love to invite you to our Round Table, where you can discuss questions like that with other Meisterplan users. The next one is on the 17th of April and we will talk about Success factors in establishing a PPM – Pain points and best practices, so your topic would fit perfectly. If you´re interested, you can sign up at https://meisterplan.com/events/ We would be happy to have you in one of our next Round Tables! Best Veronika
  13. A transparent process, facilitating the understanding why regular updates are required . One client called Meisterplan his "gentle whip" the other day (with a smile). As Meisterplan is shared via read-only mode with senior management (the access level is "viewer" https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004377594-User-Management#Access-Levels), everybody is eager to have their data up to date. Everybody understands the Lean PPM process and thus the necessity to provide updates.
  14. Dear community, do you have best practices on how to motivate your project managers to give regular updates on their projects? We are looking for solutions to motivate them in a positive way instead of punishing them. Looking forward to reading your answers. Best regards
  15. Hi everyone, Here is a first glimpse into how we’ll enable you to combine project, resource and allocation data into a single report when using Meisterplan integrated pivot reports. In the Field Chooser, you’ll be able to select from all field types: With this, you’ll be able, for example, to pull up a report that shows you who is assigned to each project, their current allocation and if they have remaining Net Capacity. From there, you’ll instantly know who can take on additional work required for the project:
  16. Welcome to the Quest, Almirz, and thank you for sharing your requirements here with a broader audience.
  17. Dear all I'm looking for a similar report. Addition to Almirz example, I need also the Project Value. Thanks, Thomas
  18. Hi Almirz, Yes, this is very helpful and I understand your approach. Thank you very much for your effort and the provision of a solution approach! I am not a Product Manager though, therefore I'd like to take this with me for a further discussion with the colleagues from Product Management. I will come back to you regarding this Feature Request! Best Regards, Achim
  19. Hi Achim, Thanks for your response. I agree with your statement about Meisterplan being a PPM planning tool and not a tracking tool for planned vs actual. Having said that, and I think you'd agree as well, having the capability to define budgets and benefit targets at the project level (instead of only at the portfolio level) would help track project financial performance. Meisterplan already allows users to enter cost events for each project (edit project > financials) so it would definitely be helpful if it also allowed users to enter budget and benefit target for each project individually as well. What might actually be a little tricky would be how this new information (budget and benefit target for each project) is show in the financials section of the portfolio designer in trace mode. Ideal solution in my mind would be: User clicks on project and sees in financial section what capex budget, opex budget and benefits target was for selected project in grey bars. And then cost event are filled inside those grays for only the selected project, just like it is done now with color coding. Hope the above info clarified my question a bit. Please let me know if this makes more sense. Thanks again.
  20. Hello Almirz, Today, the current Meisterplan structure is purely designed for PPM planning purposes, not tracking of actuals. Notwithstanding, I believe your request makes complete sense. This feedback is very helpful for us and I am happy to take this to our Product Development Team. From the experience of our customers though there is a workaround available using external BI software. For instance, you can create different scenarios in Meisterplan with different portfolio plans, budgets etc.. These scenarios are all available when accessing the Meisterplan reporting database and you can then compare multiple scenarios with each other. Feel free to reach out to us any time if you have more questions about this topic or the workaround I have described above. Thanks, Achim
  21. Hello Almirz, Thanks for your post. This is an interesting and valid question! You are right, within Meisterplan you won't find a plain report like in your description. There might be other ways available though which I'd like to share with you. First of all, I think you tried to use the Excel Pivot Report already, correct? Nevertheless, I want to share this information with you here: https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004352933-Excel-Pivot-Report - Accessing the Meisterplan reporting database using ODBC: in Meisterplan you can activate external reporting which allows you to access the reporting database using an ODBC connection. We have some detailed documentation available here: https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004374594-Reporting-with-Microsoft-Excel - Connecting external BI tools like Power BI or Tableau: I am aware that this requires more implementation and configuration effort but in case you want to use and establish customized reports it is possible to connect external BI software. Therefore, we provide documentation and templates which are available here: https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004374674-Reporting-with-Microsoft-Power-BI-Desktop I am excited to receive your feedback on this! Thanks, Achim
  22. Hi All. New Meisterplan user here. This is my second post of the day. :) Tracking project costs vs planned project budgets is an area of focus at my organization. While testing out Meisterplan, I realized that even though I can enter budgets (capex, opex, benefits) at the portfolio level, there is no way for me to enter budgets (capex, opex, benefits) at the project level. Even if i create a custom field to enter planned capex, opex and benefit $$ for each project, there is no way for Meisterplan to use that data and interactively show it as part of the financials section in the portfolio designer. I think it would be immensely beneficial for portfolio managers if they were able to enter planned opex, capex and benefits $$ information against each project as this would allow them to track cost allocations (Actual costs) at the individual project level when cost events happen (instead of only tracking at the overall portfolio level). Hope I was able to explain the use case somewhat. Please let me know if additional information is needed.
  23. Hi All, Relatively new user of Meisterplan here. One functionality that I noticed seems to be missing from Meisterplan is the ability to develop reports that look like simple tables of data. Not talking about a pivot report, because pivot reports are not very friendly with text/string values but talking about a simple table. Something that allows users to create a report and output something as simple as the attached image in excel or any other form. I tried using the existing reports features and couldn't make much progress as pivot reports do not allow text data to be reported out as "values". I also tried the plan of record excel export and that unfortunately does not show project manager name, program name, business goal in projects worksheet which means I would have to do some manual work to get the system to report out something that might work for me. I think Meisterplan is a PPM tool and the report that I am talking about would help portfolio managers develop custom dashboards/reports for senior management that only focus on project information, timelines and health. Please let me know if you have found a workaround to this!
  24. Very interesting topic indeed. And thanks for the hint with regards to the reporting and shared pool of resources, John. We also see interest in Meisterplan at other departements we show it to, especially because it is lightweight and focused.
  25. Hello everyone, I’m excited to announce that today we released Meisterplan for Jira, which is included for free in all existing Meisterplan systems! With this integration, Meisterplan now gives you visibility into work and resources across all teams, including work managed in Jira. You can show progress, predict completion dates, and get a complete picture across all of your organization's agile and traditional projects. We want to thank all beta testers who provided valuable feedback about the integration. As a result of that feedback, we added JQL support when linking Meisterplan projects to Jira to enable a broader set of data to be imported. We encourage you to test out Meisterplan for Jira today and please let us know what you think. For more information, see the full release notes in the Meisterplan Help Center: https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024693451
  26. Last week we dedicated our Meisterplan Round Table to the financial section of Meisterplan. This time we had a constructive discussion with a total of 6 participants. Thank you all for contributing to this open exchange and sharing your thoughts, questions, experience, and ideas! What is the background of discussing the financial section? Sharing the experience in using the financial section, to learn more about the benefits and use case of working with finances in Meisterplan What did we discuss? The logic of the financial section How cost and benefit are created and what is included How to create portfolio budgets Use cases and Q&A You find a PDF file with minutes of our Meisterplan Round Table here. Please feel free to post more questions on how to employ the financial section below. What's next? For the next Meisterplan Round Tables, the participants proposed Jira (20.03.2019) Excel Backups Sign up here for the next dates, but be quick, spots are limited to 10 participants. What we would also really like to discuss are your success stories: What are your benefits of working with Meisterplan? How did you implement PPM and what were your biggest challenges? If you could start over again, what would you do differently? What do you think? We’re curious to hear from you via support@meisterplan.com or talk to you at our next Meisterplan Round Table!
  27. Hello @Claus Spruch Good news: We're currently working on a report combining capacity & allocations in one pivot table. We'll keep you updated, but meanwhile you can just check out our Meisterplan Hot Topics or take a look at the thread by Matthias Gidda here. All the best, Jana
  28. Hello everyone, As we received feedback from our beta testers, we have decided to increase the scope of the first release of the Jira integration. Many told us that support for JQL would be really valuable to them. So we’ll support using JQL queries to specify the Jira data you want to link to a Meisterplan project! This way you’ll have full flexibility for packaging Jira work into a Meisterplan project – from individual issues to releases or sprints to entire Jira projects.
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