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  2. We're excited to announce that the first release of the Meisterplan REST API is now available. It supports resource data and additional capabilities will be added in the coming weeks. Check out the full Release Notes here and be sure to bookmark the API changelog if you want to stay up to date as we extend and update the API to support additional Meisterplan data! We'd love to hear more about how you're using the API and what features matter the most to you so please comment here or contact us at api-feedback@meisterplan.com.
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  4. Hi Carly, that's a very good question. Unfortunately, that's not possible at the moment, as the rights are given on the user level, not on portfolio level. E.g. a user can edit all portfolios he can see. What is possible though and a common workaround by other customers is to give 2 users to one person. These users can be based on the same mail address, they only need to have a different user name. For example, I could have two users: User "jana rybak edit" can edit specific portfolios User "jana rybak view" can only view specific portfolios With this approach, you have to take care though that you don't share an overall portfolio (like "All projects") with all users, as a portfolio shared with all users could be edited by everyone with edit rights. We're currently reworking the role & rights concept to make it easier and more transparent who can do what and where in Meisterplan. In the meantime, the option described above is the best solution I've come across so far. Best regards, Jana
  5. Thank you @Jana Rybak - the list that you mentioned is really useful, I hadn't spotted that. One thing I haven't managed to work out is how can I give edit rights to a User in one Portfolio, but ensure that they can see (without edit rights) other Portfolios in the same Instance? Thanks again. Carly
  6. Hi Carly, thank you for your question, I totally agree that limiting edit rights to specific user groups leads to a higher level of data quality and consistency. Indeed it doesn't make sense to have everyone editing Meisterplan. Instead, we recommend limiting edit rights to the specific user groups. I.e. project managers should be able to maintain their project data and team members should get read-only access to get the information they need. An elaborate role & rights concept combined with a structured portfolio view can thus be a big benefit for your data quality. In fact, you can find a list of recommended user rights depending on the role in our help center. Let me know if you're missing something. I also saw that you already registered for our next Meisterplan Round Tables, that's great news! In June we will talk about how scenarios and portfolios help you manage your PPM and in August we will discuss how to keep your PPM data up-to-date. I'm happy to hear you participate and look forward to our discussion! Best regards, Jana
  7. Hello Questers, Please can someone point me in the direction of guidance to support the communication that when there are large teams working on projects, it does not make sense to have all of the team members editing Meisterplan? I feel that it will lead to a higher level of data quality and consistency if edit rights are limited, guidance is clear and portfolio managers (across a number of portfolios in our case) work towards maintaining compliance with data entry, edit and maintenance expectations. Many thanks. Carly
  8. Hi: 1) I want to create various reports in Meister as well as the portfolio view by department 2) I want to 'embed' those views in Smartsheets. Do we have this ability?
  9. Hello Martha, so sorry for the late reply. We have recently released some minor improvements to our reports (see the Release Notes here) but we haven’t yet completed the combined reporting for allocations and capacity that is referred to in this thread. Our current estimate for this is around the end of June. Per your question, we do expect that this will include the ability to show charts that include both allocations and capacity simultaneously. Some of these features are still being finalized so they are subject to change a little. I’ll post future updates to this thread, so follow along and you should see more progress within the next few weeks.
  10. It would be really useful if Quest members could please vote on this topic, in order that the need for multi-value lookup functionality can be assessed. Many thanks everyone!
  11. @Veronika Schustek - do you have a summary of the discussion/topics covered at the Round Table on 17 April 2019? I am very interested in this topic but I was on annual leave when the call occurred. Many thanks.
  12. Thank you for your response @Thomas Quandt - having multi-value lookup functionality is now a critical requirement for our instance. I look forward to discussing this with Kevin Johnson (Sandhill) on Wednesday 22 May 2019 to determine our options.
  13. In meisterplan we have most of the elements to produce a technology roadmap visual. eg. goals, capabilities (custom field), resources, milestones, status, etc). Has anyone produced a visual that connects these elements in a ready to present visual
  14. Hello I would also add that it would be preferable to be able to search through a field rather than scrolling through the list to select/deselect, ie: go through a list of projects and select specific ones that you want to report to.
  15. Hello, how is this progressing? Will there be a graph available as well? Allocation vs Capacity? Many thanks
  16. Hello @Thomas Mundschin, It's good to hear that. The rank of a project in a specific scenario can be found in the field "priority" of the view "reporting.scenarioprojects". Since the project value is not directly accessible in the Reporting Database, it will be necessary to recalculate it. I hope this answers your question. If you need any assistance with this, don't hesitate to contact us! Kind regards, Fabian
  17. Hello Carly, thank you for your input. The topic is part of our backlog but not part of our neartime roadmap. We will happily contact you as soon as we consider realizing it. In any case we have heard this request a couple times already and I agree it will make great sense for the support of the PPM process. Best regards, Thomas
  18. Hello @Manuel Schneider Please can you let me know if this would be possible as a field option? The more we develop our process in Meisterplan, the more often this is being requested. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  19. Please can I request that it is possible to select more than 1 option in a lookup field? As an example, we would like to use this to have a field with the name 'IT Tool' where we can state which IT tools will be affected by Project. It may be that none, one or multiple IT tools are affected, and we would like to be able to filter on this. Looking forward to hearing back about this. Many thanks. Carly
  20. Thank you. We're two steps further. We are looking for the fields "Rang" and "Projektwert". Are they visible somewhere or do we have to recalculate them?
  21. Hi Mihai, Do I understand correctly that you do not use the financial data at all? The fnancial part will be hidden from the Portfolio Designer completely, if you do not have any financial data in your Meisterplan sytstem. This means: - You need to make sure that the Finance tab is empty for all projects - No costs per hour are set for any role or resource - No cost or benefit budgets are entered for any portfolio This will automatically hide the financial section!
  22. Hi guys, The financial view if always at the bottom of the screen, even though we don't use it all the time. Some users complain that we should have an option to enable or disable ( view/not view the financial part) Is that something that you guys are looking into? Mihai
  23. Re 1) The idea to configure the visibility of grand total rows and columns is part of our backlog and we increased the priority. Re 2) This is an issue with the 3rd party reporting component we are using, so this is out of our direct access. I created a support ticket to pass this issue to the vendor. Re 3) We have not considered this feature yet. The challenge here is that for some (especially new) users the handling is probably easier if all department fields are automatically added as a block, so we would have to make it configurable here whether the fields can be used as a block or independently. Re 4) This idea is in our backlog but we do not have detailed plans to realize this feature yet. Re 5) Would a single field (e.g. "USA/Texas") be sufficient or is the calendar hierarchy required as with OBS fields (Calendar 1="USA", Calendar 2="Texas")? Re 6) You can already use custom fields in reports of type "Pivot & Charts: Projects/Allocations/Financials". Open the field configuration menu in the report and you will find them in the "Project" section.
  24. Very good input! We are currently working on a new public restful Meisterplan API and have planned to integrate Meisterplan into Zapier. We will add the option to register web hooks in the public API to receive notifications and to support Zapier events to give you the possibility to configure and receive notifications.
  25. Hi Chris, true, currently portfolio budgets are not available in the financial pivot report in Meisterplan to compare values against it. We have added this to our list of ideas but we have no plans to realize it within the next months.
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