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    Hi Almirz, thank you for your question. There are two good options to remove completed projects from your current plan of record. 1. You can create two portfolios: a) portfolio "Current projects" (includes projects in all stages except completed projects) an b) portfolio "Completed projects" (includes projects in stage "completed") > I would prefer this option. You find more information how to do it in this helpcenter article . 2. Change the date range (Month before current = 1, see screenshot). By changing the date range, all completed projects before the chosen range will be excluded from the portfolio and disappear (alas they have a financial event within the set date range). This is a user specific setting though, which also impacts your reports, so if you want to use it, be aware that reports might show different numbers than for your colleagues. Does this help you?
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    Hello, We have started working on the new Meisterplan REST API, with which you’ll be able to better integrate Meisterplan into your tools and processes. Your developers can take a look at the first API draft, which contains sample requests and responses, here: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/publicAPI/MeisterplanBeta/0.0.1 As work progresses, we’ll post updates in the Help Center: https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024302652-Meisterplan-REST-API-Preview- If you’re a developer, we’d be happy to hear your comments, questions or feedback at api-feedback@meisterplan.com.
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    Hi everyone, Here is a first glimpse into how we’ll enable you to combine project, resource and allocation data into a single report when using Meisterplan integrated pivot reports. In the Field Chooser, you’ll be able to select from all field types: With this, you’ll be able, for example, to pull up a report that shows you who is assigned to each project, their current allocation and if they have remaining Net Capacity. From there, you’ll instantly know who can take on additional work required for the project:
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    Dear all I'm looking for a similar report. Addition to Almirz example, I need also the Project Value. Thanks, Thomas
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    Hi Achim, Thanks for your response. I agree with your statement about Meisterplan being a PPM planning tool and not a tracking tool for planned vs actual. Having said that, and I think you'd agree as well, having the capability to define budgets and benefit targets at the project level (instead of only at the portfolio level) would help track project financial performance. Meisterplan already allows users to enter cost events for each project (edit project > financials) so it would definitely be helpful if it also allowed users to enter budget and benefit target for each project individually as well. What might actually be a little tricky would be how this new information (budget and benefit target for each project) is show in the financials section of the portfolio designer in trace mode. Ideal solution in my mind would be: User clicks on project and sees in financial section what capex budget, opex budget and benefits target was for selected project in grey bars. And then cost event are filled inside those grays for only the selected project, just like it is done now with color coding. Hope the above info clarified my question a bit. Please let me know if this makes more sense. Thanks again.
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    Hi, We started to use Meisterplan at the end of 2017 starting with only one business group - we currently have 125 resources within this now. Half way through this year we began to gain interest from other teams in different business area's so we have opened up two seperate instances for their business area's. We are now looking to begin to ask all teams from all business area's to use the tool and I would be really interested to hear how other businesses have done this? We believe that we should move all back onto one instance for the ease of reporting, however this would could involve up to 1000 resources within it and more users updating. Please can people share their best practices on this as would be interesting to hear pros and cons of either situation? Many thanks Daisy
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    Very interesting topic indeed. And thanks for the hint with regards to the reporting and shared pool of resources, John. We also see interest in Meisterplan at other departements we show it to, especially because it is lightweight and focused.
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    # Risks & Issues Projects currently track there risks and issues in RAID logs within spreadsheets, significant items are then added to a monthly project highlight report (word document) which is reviewed by the relevant project management board. Separately the PMO requests updates from projects at the portfolio level where they are reporting amber or red in status with supporting narrative. Competitor solutions have the ability to capture project risks and issues and to roll up accordingly. I think there is an opportunity to add new tab to the project form where you insert a row and then categorize that item via a dropdown value of your choosing e.g. Issues, Risk etc. with additional fields such as date added, category, description, escalation required flag, owner, notes etc. We would then use PowerBI or a similar reporting tool to generate the project highlight reports, portfolio reporting rollups etc. from the project form data e.g. where you edit the project details. I used the milestone tab as an example as it is effectively a replication of this functionality but relabelled with additional columns. Other PPM solutions do have this capability but they do not have the flexibility of Meisterplan in relation to resource planning, by implementing this functionality it removes the requirement to potentially run multiple solutions and allows us standardize project reporting. # Project Manager Access Rights At present only the PMO have edit rights to projects within the portfolio, we create and maintain the project data and associated resource allocations. If a project needs to the schedule, budget or resources to change it goes via change control so that the impact can be assessed, if approved the PMO will make the change. In terms of the project form data we would like for the PM’s to maintain this to minimize the overhead on the PMO and to ensure the information is relevant and up to date. This would be especially true if we could implement the risk and issue tracking functionality as they would be expected to maintain this. # Program Formula In our instance we want to be able to group projects into a programme, capture the programme manager and any associated governance. The programme start date and end date would be drawn from the first project start date and last project end date. The capex and revex values would be the sum of the projects within programme.
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