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    Hi everyone, here’s a quick update from the Meisterplan team! We are currently implementing the first iteration of the link between Jira and Meisterplan. With this iteration, users will be able to link Meisterplan projects to Jira epics. The other types of Jira items that were mentioned in the original post (Jira project, Jira release,…) are not part of this first iteration. Here’s an updated peek at how this will look for users who import a Jira epic as a new Meisterplan project: First, users select which epics they want to import. Then they assign resources to those projects in Meisterplan, and get a clear view of how many Jira stories can get finished given the allocation entered in Meisterplan. Stay tuned for further updates (don’t forget to follow this thread by clicking “Follow” in the top right corner)!