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    Hi Stefan, Thank you for your answer but I am still a bit confused about this topic. Let's say we have 2 resources with 2 different calendars (India and China with their respective hours). Both of these resources represent 1 resource therefore 1 FTE (Full time equivalent). The way I understand it works : Capacity for India is 1.2 FTE because they have 40 hours (Indian calendar). Capacity for China is 0.88 FTE because they have 35 hours (China calendar ) Default calendar(Denmark) has 37 hours The above doesn't make sense if you want to simplify the allocation process. If we have 7 calendars(NL, CN , IN , DK , DE, UK, ES) how do we set the default calendar and how can we avoid not to check manually the capacity for each month / resource. Scanario: Have a team(20 resources) in 4 different locations(4 different calendars without exceptions) and you want to allocate(50%) of their time to a project within a timeline of 3 years. You basically don't know what 50% is so You have to manually check (hoover over ) on the capacity line for each resource for each month their available capacity and allocate accordingly to be in balance.This should be a simple task, but if we take only 1 Project we are talking about 36 month * 20 resources = 720 manual allocation. I do not think anyone wants to do that on a portfolio level. Please invite me for a short session where we can discuss this issue. At this point we cannot really use the calendars since is going to kill us in managing the allocations for 1000 resources on 150 projects. This scenario is not taking into consideration the calendar exceptions: If you add those on top, I don't know how anyone can manage this because the capacity for each month becomes a unique value. The above resource have other issues Days calculation (for China I get 20.13 days and for India I get 23 days) In reality, both resources work the same amount of days, they just work different hours per day. @Manuel Schneider can you please invite me for a short alignment? Any timeline for the percentage release? At this point it does not make any sense to use calendars. Best, Mihai
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