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    Based on my experience as an implementation consultant with PPM systems, here are my suggested rules: 1) Senior management commitment is essential to ensure that everyone is committed to a successful implementation. 2) Be realistic as to how much can be included in the first stage of an implementation. Having everything in the system is not always best! 3) Deciding what you want to get out of the tool will help you to define what needs to be put into it. 4) Define your processes and be clear which parts are being supported by the tool and which parts are not. 5) Make sure that the tool works in a straightforward way for the majority of regular use. Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae of dealing with rare exceptions. 6) Avoid replicating detail that is already being managed in a system that is not being replaced. 7) The quality of the information that you see is totally dependent on the accuracy of the input data. 8) Implementing a tool is a real job. It’s not something that people can be expected to do alongside their normal work. 9) Ensure that stakeholders from affected areas have an input into the design process. These people can then help to popularise the tool among their colleagues. 10) Once the tool has been implemented ensure that there are sufficient people trained to maintain and update it.
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    Hi David, Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply and your excellent 10 Golden Rules for Meisterplan! So that our English speakers can also benefit from your helpful information, here is a quick translation: "In our company, we have a PPM team that uses the tool, our colleagues who manage the projects give us the information needed. After 4 months of Meisterplan experience and going straight off the top of my head, I can offer the following 10 points when introducing this PPM tool: 1. Give one team the responsibility and also give them the time to take care of the project portfolio 2. Define one process for determining who, when, and what information is passed to which person, why he is passing on this information and what the information will be used for - Keywords: project initialization, necessary resources, master plan 3. Also allow for 70% solutions, everything doesn’t have to be perfect right away 4. Indicate that planning in PPM can be counteracted by an overload of the employees 5. Don’t try to map project tasks. This is the responsibility of the project managers in their project plans. 6. Find project managers who want to help shape the topic (the PPM process) 7. Explain to all employees why PPM is implemented – no matter whether they are involved in the projects or not 8. Define what a project is for you (e.g. I'm busy for 10 days updating of the system, but that's not a project "- True, but it requires resources) 9. Consider whether it makes sense to track project-independent work with the PPM tool (If releases, inventories, etc. require a lot of time, this must be reflected in the resources) 10. Show management the beautiful colorful pictures with the milestones or the dashboard. If the management colleagues are on your side, that is worth a lot Greetings from the Ruhr area of Germany David" By the way, I am also moving this thread from the Meisterplan family forum to our Best Practices forum where I think it is a better fit
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