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  1. Hi All, a very quick question. What does everyone here do with completed projects? That is: do you remove (delete) the project from plan of record once it completes? do you create a new scenario for completed projects and move completed projects there (though I can't find an easy way of doing this)? do you just move completed projects to the bottom of the plan of record below cut-off (does not make a lot of logical sense)? Wanted to get some thoughts and thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Achim, Thanks for your response. I agree with your statement about Meisterplan being a PPM planning tool and not a tracking tool for planned vs actual. Having said that, and I think you'd agree as well, having the capability to define budgets and benefit targets at the project level (instead of only at the portfolio level) would help track project financial performance. Meisterplan already allows users to enter cost events for each project (edit project > financials) so it would definitely be helpful if it also allowed users to enter budget and benefit target for each project individually as well. What might actually be a little tricky would be how this new information (budget and benefit target for each project) is show in the financials section of the portfolio designer in trace mode. Ideal solution in my mind would be: User clicks on project and sees in financial section what capex budget, opex budget and benefits target was for selected project in grey bars. And then cost event are filled inside those grays for only the selected project, just like it is done now with color coding. Hope the above info clarified my question a bit. Please let me know if this makes more sense. Thanks again.
  3. Hi All. New Meisterplan user here. This is my second post of the day. :) Tracking project costs vs planned project budgets is an area of focus at my organization. While testing out Meisterplan, I realized that even though I can enter budgets (capex, opex, benefits) at the portfolio level, there is no way for me to enter budgets (capex, opex, benefits) at the project level. Even if i create a custom field to enter planned capex, opex and benefit $$ for each project, there is no way for Meisterplan to use that data and interactively show it as part of the financials section in the portfolio designer. I think it would be immensely beneficial for portfolio managers if they were able to enter planned opex, capex and benefits $$ information against each project as this would allow them to track cost allocations (Actual costs) at the individual project level when cost events happen (instead of only tracking at the overall portfolio level). Hope I was able to explain the use case somewhat. Please let me know if additional information is needed.
  4. Hi All, Relatively new user of Meisterplan here. One functionality that I noticed seems to be missing from Meisterplan is the ability to develop reports that look like simple tables of data. Not talking about a pivot report, because pivot reports are not very friendly with text/string values but talking about a simple table. Something that allows users to create a report and output something as simple as the attached image in excel or any other form. I tried using the existing reports features and couldn't make much progress as pivot reports do not allow text data to be reported out as "values". I also tried the plan of record excel export and that unfortunately does not show project manager name, program name, business goal in projects worksheet which means I would have to do some manual work to get the system to report out something that might work for me. I think Meisterplan is a PPM tool and the report that I am talking about would help portfolio managers develop custom dashboards/reports for senior management that only focus on project information, timelines and health. Please let me know if you have found a workaround to this!
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