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  1. Has there been any movement on this? This would be an excellent feature. I would also wish to compare these as part of the report function. Thanks
  2. I love the ability to get smart with budgets in MP however what i feel i am missing is the ability to set a budget and create reports based on how I compare to that budget. is this possible ? Thanks
  3. Is there anyway to map change control events in MP? The link between portfolio planning, project planning and resource planning would be a lot easier if we were able to set notifications as well as change request procedures. Thanks
  4. Hi I have a couple of comments on report functionality It would be good if i could disable either the horizontal or Vertical grand totals. When exporting to excel this makes it harder to create lookup tables etc. The Scroll bars in the reports page are not obvious and we have had quite a few of our people struggle with this. Not being able to hide parents but keep child relationship data could be better, for instance. I would like to hide Resource Department 1,2 & 4 fields and only show Resource Department 3 if i could add a custom formula field this would be excellent not sure why i can not add the calendar field to a report? when I add new fields to MP it would be great if i could also use these fields in my report. Thanks
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