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  1. Hello Carly, thank you for your input. The topic is part of our backlog but not part of our neartime roadmap. We will happily contact you as soon as we consider realizing it. In any case we have heard this request a couple times already and I agree it will make great sense for the support of the PPM process. Best regards, Thomas
  2. Re 1) The idea to configure the visibility of grand total rows and columns is part of our backlog and we increased the priority. Re 2) This is an issue with the 3rd party reporting component we are using, so this is out of our direct access. I created a support ticket to pass this issue to the vendor. Re 3) We have not considered this feature yet. The challenge here is that for some (especially new) users the handling is probably easier if all department fields are automatically added as a block, so we would have to make it configurable here whether the fields can be used as a block or independently. Re 4) This idea is in our backlog but we do not have detailed plans to realize this feature yet. Re 5) Would a single field (e.g. "USA/Texas") be sufficient or is the calendar hierarchy required as with OBS fields (Calendar 1="USA", Calendar 2="Texas")? Re 6) You can already use custom fields in reports of type "Pivot & Charts: Projects/Allocations/Financials". Open the field configuration menu in the report and you will find them in the "Project" section.
  3. Very good input! We are currently working on a new public restful Meisterplan API and have planned to integrate Meisterplan into Zapier. We will add the option to register web hooks in the public API to receive notifications and to support Zapier events to give you the possibility to configure and receive notifications.
  4. Hi Chris, true, currently portfolio budgets are not available in the financial pivot report in Meisterplan to compare values against it. We have added this to our list of ideas but we have no plans to realize it within the next months.
  5. Hi Chris, we have not released project budget functionality yet. However, we are in the process of collecting ideas and use cases around that topic to come up with a concept draft. Interesting questions would be whether this should include only money or also time budgets, whether costs are needed on role or also on resource level and whether this info should also be importable through an interface. Please feel free to contact me to chat about your specific use case! thomas.quandt@meisterplan.com
  6. Hi Vicky, have you entered any allocation on the role first? If you staff a role on a project and then in the second step you want to staff from that role down to resources, the "Staff Role" option is greyed out as long as there is no allocation planned onto the role first. Please let me know if this helped you. Best regards and merry christmas Thomas
  7. To put some more flesh on the bones of this topic, I recently wrote a blog article I would like to share here. I am looking forward to your thoughts and feedback: Does it make sense at all? Anything to add? Link: https://meisterplan.com/blog/how-to-make-project-managers-smile/
  8. @Derek Walz Hi Derek, thanks for joining the discussion. You make a really good point about including project managers in portfolio management in part to ensure the accuracy of the data being used to plan the portfolio. It makes sense that if the wrong resource information or incorrect milestones are being used, then the portfolio plans will also be inaccurate. And project managers are the ones who have the most accurate and updated info on their own projects. To me, an interesting question is what a good balance between maintenance effort and the advantage gained from an accurate portfolio planning would be?
  9. We at Meisterplan believe that a personal relationship goes beyond all e-mail traffic and online how-tos. Therefore, I want to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Quandt (age changes by the year) and my business card reads Customer Success Manager. In my role, I am responsible for the product & process consulting and the customer relationship management at Meisterplan. This alone includes more than enough words to win the next round of buzzword bingo. So what is it really about? It is not about telling you how the world works or giving you the answer to the ‘Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything’. It is about helping you achieve your goal of implementing successful PPM to save time and nerves and start making plans that work! During my years as a project manager and key account manager in the core banking software business, I have more than once wished for a reliable and lasting prioritization and planning process as a basis for my everyday work. During my web sessions and workshops with our customers, I learned that I am not the only one with this wish. This is why I fully back the concept of PPM in general and Meisterplan in particular with what I do and what I am. In my free time, I spend most of the time with my dogs. For some strange reason, I am keeping faith in them to one day be able to walk by my side without strangling themselves with the leash, to Sit! and Wait! and otherwise just be nice and look good. And not shed their hair all over my business suits, for a change. Until that day comes, I will have to keep walking them through the cold German rain and yell and – oh well, please never change. Another spare time favorite of mine is consuming every bit and piece of American Football to be found on German TV. Which is not nearly enough, in my mind. In fact, I struggled hard to make this quest become a Football forum – but very obviously I was overruled by my more professionally acting colleagues. Anyway. Go Pack Go! As an active part of this quest I am very much looking forward to your contribution, your input and questions. I will happily provide you with my experience and share thoughts, ideas and best practice approaches with you! ‘nuff said. Let’s go join the quest.
  10. Project portfolio management is not a topic that can be managed by a single person but it needs input from a number of different stakeholders in your organization (and even externally). While the role of a portfolio manager is quite clear to everyone, I would like to ask you, what your opinion is on the role of a project manager in portfolio management. Is PPM without project managers possible at all? How can you ensure an active contribution? What is needed and what is not necessary to increase the quality of your PPM process? Let’s discuss!
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