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  1. Matthias Gidda

    Hot Topic: Meisterplan | Jira integration is moving forward

    Hello everyone, As we received feedback from our beta testers, we have decided to increase the scope of the first release of the Jira integration. Many told us that support for JQL would be really valuable to them. So we’ll support using JQL queries to specify the Jira data you want to link to a Meisterplan project! This way you’ll have full flexibility for packaging Jira work into a Meisterplan project – from individual issues to releases or sprints to entire Jira projects.
  2. We have started on the development of the Hot Topic "Combined Reporting for Projects, Allocations, and Capacities". This will allow users to evaluate resource capacities and allocations simultaneously in a single report. We are also planning further improvements, such as clearer analysis of allocations, over-allocations, and remaining capacity, as well as the ability to configure options such as Time Slicing Period and Allocation Unit directly in the report rather than having to switch to Reports view. The Help Center will provide instructions explaining how existing reports can be changed to the new format. Follow this thread by clicking “Follow” in the top right corner to receive email alerts for new posts.
  3. Matthias Gidda

    Hot Topic: Meisterplan | Jira integration is moving forward

    Hello everybody, Exciting stuff – our first beta testers are taking the upcoming Jira integration for a spin! There are still a few open spots, so be sure to let us know if you’re interested in Meisterplan and Jira or if you have any questions. Stay tuned for a release soon! With the first release of Meisterplan for Jira, you can link Meisterplan projects to Jira epics and view Jira data directly in Meisterplan. See at a glance which work steps are included in a project and which steps can be completed with the resources allocated in Meisterplan. Follow this thread by clicking “Follow” in the top right corner to receive email alerts for new posts.
  4. Matthias Gidda

    Hot Topic: Meisterplan | Jira integration is moving forward

    Hi everyone, here’s a quick update from the Meisterplan team! We are currently implementing the first iteration of the link between Jira and Meisterplan. With this iteration, users will be able to link Meisterplan projects to Jira epics. The other types of Jira items that were mentioned in the original post (Jira project, Jira release,…) are not part of this first iteration. Here’s an updated peek at how this will look for users who import a Jira epic as a new Meisterplan project: First, users select which epics they want to import. Then they assign resources to those projects in Meisterplan, and get a clear view of how many Jira stories can get finished given the allocation entered in Meisterplan. Stay tuned for further updates (don’t forget to follow this thread by clicking “Follow” in the top right corner)!
  5. Matthias Gidda

    Extended Rights Management

    Hi everyone, we have published more detailed information regarding the upcoming changes regarding user rights which will be released soon:
  6. Matthias Gidda

    Meisterplan New UI

    Hello @John, thanks for your feedback! Does our Help Center page regarding the update (including the embedded video) help you to find where everything is located now?
  7. Matthias Gidda

    Coming Soon: Planning in Fiscal Years

    In one of our next updates, we will make it possible for users to plan in fiscal years as an alternative to calendar years. You'll be able to choose in which month your fiscal year starts, for example in October. I'd be interested in how many of you plan in fiscal years instead of calendar years? There's a poll attached to this post, so feel free to let us know ?
  8. Matthias Gidda

    UI and Usability Rework Preview

    Sure! We'll contact you soon.
  9. Matthias Gidda

    UI and Usability Rework Preview

    Hi everyone, we have published more detailed information regarding the upcoming changes: If you want to get your hands on the new version before release, contact us for your personal demo system.
  10. Matthias Gidda

    ODBC Driver for MacOS

    Hi Thomas and welcome to the Quest! so far I haven't found anyone here at Meisterplan that has experience with ODBC drivers for MacOS. I'll continue to ask for input and let you know if I hear something. Maybe there are other Quest users who can help Thomas?
  11. How could I have overlooked this Thanks Simone for jumping in!
  12. Hello, first and foremost: Welcome to the Quest @Julia Mannagottera, and thanks for contributing! Before I'll answer, let me quickly recap your question for users who don't speak German: The Question is basically about how we can replace a resource on a project only for a certain amount of time, like 4 weeks, and not for the entire duration of the project? In answering, I'd say that there is no one-click solution to this, unfortunately. My best practice would be to set this resource's allocation to zero for the 4 weeks (creating the necessary allocation segments, if need be). Then add the replacement to the project and allocate him only for those 4 weeks. Would that be sufficient as a solution? Does anybody else have something that works faster?
  13. Matthias Gidda

    About me - Nice meeting you!

    Ha, smart proverb. I didn't know that, thanks for sharing Stephan!
  14. How you set up your "Organizational Breakdown Structure" (OBS) in Meisterplan will greatly impact how you get an overview over what your company is working on, and how to make good plans. When talking to clients, it becomes clear that, while most set up their organization's departments or locations as part of their OBS, the rest of their OBS structure can differ greatly. We've seen Teams, Roles, and even Skills as a part of a customer's OBS in Meisterplan. Of course, how to best set this up will depend on the type and size of your organization - but I'd really like to know how you guys do this? What does your OBS structure look like?
  15. Matthias Gidda

    Hey guys, I'm Matthias

    What can I say except "you're welcome" :-)