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  1. Thanks for your feedback. We already got some feedback on doing configuration faster for many users. We don't have that on our short term roadmap. As soon as we will work on the concept, we also will consider your point.
  2. We have released it! You will find all details in the update information https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015173911-Update-10-04-2018 See also the new overview how to set user rights by PPM role (https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015551952/) which gives a good orientation about the existing options.
  3. You may have already seen the post about our Meisterplan and JIRA integration plans on our list of hot topics. During the last weeks we have spoken to a number of customers and partners about what they’d like to see in a JIRA + Meisterplan integration. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far and please continue to give us input. We received so many great suggestions that we could easily spend the next 6 months building everyone’s wish-list of features ? But we don't want to keep you waiting so long! And I'm convinced that the first feature set will be a significant improvement for many people when working with Meisterplan and JIRA. Our plan for v1: once configured, there will be 3 simple steps to create a transparent and feasible plan by using Meisterplan and JIRA (see design mock-up below): 1. Import the name of an item (Epic, Release or Project) as a Meisterplan project. The project will be automatically linked to the JIRA object within Meisterplan. 2. Enter the resource allocations for this project in Meisterplan 3. You will immediately see which issues are open and can be delivered by the provided allocation – and, maybe, the issues which cannot be done with the given allocation That´s it! And as the name ‘linked System' says, it´s a connection but not an full data import. You will not have to maintain data in two systems. The management planning stays in Meisterplan while the work management stays in JIRA. Our new view in Meisterplan will create a visual link. Of course, we will also provide some additional features for usability, but basically steps 1 to 3 will enable you to create a plan that works with your JIRA data. Looking forward to the release, Stefan
  4. Thank you for the great feedback. This is not in scope for the first release but we are already collecting feedback for future updates. We don't yet know when another update might be available but we will take this into consideration when we start working on it.
  5. One hurdle in working with colleagues in different roles in Meisterplan is that the permission levels are too global for certain use cases. We will soon be offering a bundle of new rights. Here is a preview of the extended view when editing user rights:
  6. We are going to replace the current global setting for the visible data range by an individual (user based) time filter. The topic is already in implementation.
  7. Hi Mihai, Thanks for your post! The calculation of hours represented by 1 FTE in a certain time period always refers to the calendar which is defined as default calendar in Meisterplan. So, when entering 1 FTE allocation, you enter the amount of hours based on the default calendar. This is why both resources have 2,088 h. The difference is, that the resource with the danish calendar will be over-allocated due to the minor capacity based on the danish calendar. Summed up: A calendar determines the capacity of a resource The FTE calculation always refers to the calendar which is defined as default You will also find additional information in our Help Center > see Full Time Equivalent (FTE). If you want to book a resource with her full capacity, independent from the assigned calendar, it would be more comfortable to plan in percentage of a resource´s capacity. We already added this idea to our backlog. Best regards, Stefan
  8. Just a few days... Our User Experience Designer Simone explains what will change with the next Meisterplan update. https://help.meisterplan.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004447673-Update-Reworked-User-Interface-Video-
  9. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming release of our new UI. To share my anticipation with you, here is a sneak preview from the development team - it's not quite finished, but you can see what's going to change. One of the main goals was to reorder and improve the navigation in Meisterplan to make the many functions more accessible. The screenshot shows the new main view with the new navigation structure. There will be more information soon!
  10. Hi Michael, thanks for your post! I´d like to learn a bit more about your requirements, just to be aware of the process you want to cover. # Risks & Issues This is a seldom mentioned topic and currently is not planned. How do you work with risks and issues? Do you track them in a meeting e.g. once a month like a to-do list? Are they always connected to a date like a milestone? # Project Manager Access Rights The rework of the access rights is one of our hot topics. Maybe, you can tell us how your project managers participate in Meisterplan? Which information should a project manager be allowed to change: All information in the project formula or just a specific set of information (e.g. should a project manager be able to change the stage)? Should project managers be able to change allocations? # Program Formula We had this request a few times. Mainly it was about using the program like a kind of project and the project as sub-projects (project phases). But we also had the request for real additional program information like a program manager field. What is your use case about?
  11. Hi, my name is Stefan Schneider and I’m the Head of Product Management at Meisterplan. I’ve always been enthusiastic about what information and communication can achieve. I have noticed that the informatic view with data and protocols is not sufficient for me. To talk to people, exchange ideas and advance topics together, that is what I want to do. Fulfilled by these wishes, I have found a fascinatingly suitable area: product management. Everyone within the organization wants to talk to me and get information or share their own information – all the time. I think I need that, too, and it's an incentive for me to steer everything into organized paths, so that it is not only nice small talk. Rather, it is incredibly fun (most of the time, anyway ;-) ) to gain benefits for all parties involved. No matter if as knowledge or tool. In the quest, I'll be responsible for letting you know what new features are coming soon. In addition, I am pleased about passionate discussions, which features make Meisterplan as a (lean) PPM tool even better for all project workers of this world.
  12. Which topic is being worked on? What's in the next update? Which features will be available then? What was included in the last update? In this area you get answers to these questions. We will give you a summary update when there is any news on a topic. Note: Once the tool is updated, additional information, including screenshots in both English and German can also be found in the Release Notes section of our Help Center.
  13. Everyone loves tools that help them get their work done - and even better, those that do some of the work for them. Feel free to share your ideas to improve the Meisterplan tool to optimally support your needs.
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