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  1. Last month a few colleagues and I attended one of the biggest project management and project portfolio management conferences in Germany, the PM Welt (World) in Munich. Usually, as a vendor, we’re happy about any conversation going on at your booth - be it 5 or 10. This day we were overrun. The reason? We asked all of the conference visitors what keeps them from making plans that work. And everybody had something to say. Since I think these problems and ideas can also benefit project managers and people involved in portfolio management far beyond Germany, I shared the results in a blog post: https://meisterplan.com/blog/projects-and-plans-that-work/Do you find yourself represented? What do you want to add?
    Helpful resource for PPM Meetings - basically it is the complete process!
  2. The Quest is about to start. :)

    I'm in!

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