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  1. Hi Yves, The bad news first: it is not yet possible to look back into the past for more than 12 months from today. But now for the good news. We are currently working on a new functionality, the time filter. With this it will be possible to set the time period into the future as well as into the past as desired. You can find out more about this feature and others on our Hot Topic List in our Help Center. I hope that the outlook on the further functionality of Meisterplan helps you. Be curious!
  2. Hello @Yves,The solution to your problem is a bit hidden in Meisterplan: it is in the General Settings under Manage.There you find an option called "Planning horizon in years", which is three years by default. If you increase this to 7 years, for example, this time period is displayed in the Portfolio Designer. The project in 2024 should then be visible.Does that help you?
  3. Hi Matthias and Julia, yes, I have a solution that works better. Meisterplan supports the user in exactly this question, i.e. how to replace a resource for a limited period of time. This feature is a little bit hidden, but be sure that as a UX designer this is a thorn in my side and I will fix it! To the solution: First you right-click the resource and select "Replace Resource". In the next screen (see below), you can see that a part of the gantt is darkened. There are two black vertical bars on the project. You can drag and drop them to set the time range for which you want to replace the resource. Yeah, it's not quite obvious. That's why it can happen that a Meisterplanner also overlooks the function ;). Does that answer help you, Julia?
  4. My name is Simone Liegl, and I am the User Experience Designer here at Meisterplan. Born in a little town in Bavaria, I have brought in some traditional Bavarian rites to the Swabian culture for three years now. Now, it’s time to explain why my passion has always been about helping people to solve their problems with project portfolio management. But you know what? It hasn‘t. The reality: I started at Meisterplan as a working student designing user interfaces. As time went by, I got more interested in the problems people have with PPM. But what I love the most is the development of the vast user centricity in our team over the past years: Now, all of us really care about our users and help them make plans that work. For me, user experience design is mainly a commitment. I put my whole attention on helping the people using Meisterplan by solving their problems. PPM is difficult, the underlying processes are complex. Therefore, my aim is to design a product that is easy to use and understandable so that the user can concentrate on doing his job instead of wasting his time trying to understand the software he has to use. I call myself a designer, but actually, most of my time, I listen and talk to different people to understand their problems and desires in PPM, so that I can solve them with an improved design. Furthermore, the Meisterplan team soon realized that I love to talk and organize. That is why I am responsible for scheduling our after-hours meetups for beers in the evening. Of course, I use this and every other possibility to advertise the best sport in the world: Badminton! I would love to have chat with you: No matter if it is user experience design, badminton or beer. But don’t you try to convince me that there is better beer than Bavarian beer. I’m looking forward to it!
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