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  1. Hello Fabian, we have a third-party tool running for this visualization. It´s more a question of convenience for the users here not to use an additional tool. Anyway, no big issue for us, thanks a lot for explaining. Claus
  2. Hello @Fabian Zeitvogel, thanks for your answer. Yeah, I know this report with Capacities and Allocation. But you always get two graphs. My goal is to get one graph with Allocation as stapled bars and corresponding capacities as a line to see the gap. I just had a chat with @Thomas Quandt about it. Maybe you can have a short talk with him. Thanks, Claus
  3. Maybe I missed it, but I would like to be able to show allocation and capacity in a Meisterplan report. Pretty much it is similar to the ressource graph on the main screen. I know that there is net-report, giving the numbers between capacity and allocation, but colleagues here are used to this graphical presentation of "over/under-load". Would this be possible to have a report with allocation in e.g. stapled bars and allocation in a single line? Thanks!
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