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  1. Interesting question, and one that probably doesn't have one 'right' answer. You have a number of factors to take into account, for example: Do the projects for the different business areas use a shared pool of resources? If resources are strictly within different business areas, what's the benefit of a combined instance? How different are the requirements for the different groups of users? If the business areas have different key custom fields, project stage gates, scoring attributes etc., perhaps it's better to maintain separate instances. How confidential is your data? Meisterplan allows portfolio owners to see other work that their resources are using (though they can't affect it) What are your reporting requirements? If it's necessary to provide a view across the whole of the company's activity, then it makes sense to have a combined site with all projects, resources, dependencies? Do you have a BI tool that could aggregate the data from different Meisterplan instances, to give an overall view? As I said at the start, not an answer, but some thoughts that make help you towards the right answer for you. Have other customers followed a similar route?
  2. Thomas, while Meisterplan is being prepared for a future update on this, have you tried creating a portfolio for each of your Project Managers? This will display only their work in the top 'Projects' section. Then your PM's can go to Settings and check the 'Show Top Level All' box in the Resources and Roles section. This will then show all of the projects in the system that have a role or resource allocated to them, but the PM can only change their own projects. Does that help?
  3. Stefan, That looks like a very efficient route for using Jira with Meisterplan. I greatly look forward to the release!
  4. Really great update to the UI, though, as ever, we need to remember where everything is located now. ? We look forward to the new features that are enabled by the improvements to the platform.
  5. Topic: Meisterplan – demand and capacity management for organisations that work in the real world What work do we have going on right now (BAU, projects, maintenance etc.)? What work are we being asked to do in the future and when? What resources (people, money, equipment) do we have available to do it? Can we fit it all in and if not, what options do we have? Date: Thu, May 24, 2018 Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CEST Please register here
  6. I think this can sometimes be a tricky question. Yes, absolutely, project managers should be fully involved, but there's also a point about company culture and human nature. Some senior managers have to remember not to shoot the messenger. Acknowledging that my PM's are all very capable, what I really need from them is honesty. If there's a problem, let me know; if they're over-running, flag it; if they believe they need more resources/money, then raise it. As a programme or portfolio manager, I'm dependent on accurate information from my PM's to make decisions. I may not want to hear the bad news, but it's much better for all of us than the sanitised, wispy information that the PM feels safe to deliver!.
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