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  1. Very interesting topic indeed. And thanks for the hint with regards to the reporting and shared pool of resources, John. We also see interest in Meisterplan at other departements we show it to, especially because it is lightweight and focused.
  2. Thank you @Manuel Schneider, I will contact you soon. Have a good start into the week! Best, Dennis
  3. Hello Meisterplanners, my name is Dennis Riedel and I work as a project manager at TRUMPF Gmbh & Co. KG in Ditzingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. Before joining TRUMPF I worked at United Internet Media GmbH, a subsidiary of United Internet AG (1&1, WEB.DE, GMX, ...) as IT project manager and previously 5 years in Barcelona, Spain, where I changed my career from software development to project management. At TRUMPF I am tasked with the creation of a project management office (departmental PMO) for Sales & Services. Main topics are transparency and prioritization of all currently running programs and projects with regards to their interdependencies on ressources. Also, as a central department, we plan to establish a common process for project portfolio management (PPM) for our business units in Sales & Services worldwide. As we are mostly starting from scratch with PPM, I am very happy to have met Meisterplan earlier this year and got to know about "the Quest". We already had the chance to visit other Meisterplan users to learn from their experience with the software and their own PPM process. I am looking forward to challenge our PPM design with others and learn from each other. Happy planning! Best regards, Dennis
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