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  1. Thank you. We're two steps further. We are looking for the fields "Rang" and "Projektwert". Are they visible somewhere or do we have to recalculate them?
  2. Dear friends we are about to create the first reports with Tableau. We have to link the required tables. Is there a DB schema where we should see how the tables are correctly linked together? We found out a lot, but a few things are unclear to us. For example how a project is related to a program. Thank you Thomas
  3. Dear all I'm looking for a similar report. Addition to Almirz example, I need also the Project Value. Thanks, Thomas
  4. It looks very nice to me. Do you have planed to go on with more possibilitys? We would be very greatful, when a Project Manager can see all Projects, but only edit (Ressource and TimeI) his own Projects. Thomas
  5. Dear all has somebody experience with ODBC Drivers for MacOS High Sierra? Different distributions exist, but we don't like to verify all first. We would also prefer to find an opensource solution. Thank you for your advise.
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