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  1. Manuel Schneider

    Meisterplan Round Table

    Next date: Wednesday, December 5, 10:00 – 11:00 CET. Agenda: - every participant will present his/her Use Case of Meisterplan in 5 minutes - the focus topic after the presentations will be reporting - open discussion Eight seats are already taken, feel free to join the Round Table! Let me know if you would like to take part and I will gladly send you an Outlook-Invitation including the log-in credentials for the meeting .
  2. Manuel Schneider

    Meisterplan Round Table

    Great to see that you are going to participate! As Daisy suggested, let's make the project score our first topic. I think it would be interesting to broaden the discussion to project prioritzition methods and possibilities in general. Looking forward to the first MP Round Table
  3. Hi Mihai, Thank you for letting us know. We are currently working on the issue and I will keep you updated Regards Manuel
  4. Hello everyone, You are all interested in Project Portfolio and Resource Management. In fact, every quest member works on this topic at his or her business. So let us discuss your experiences and issues! I would like to invite you to the brand new Meisterplan Round Table. Learn from other Meisterplan users’ experiences or raise open questions – both related to functionalities of the software Meisterplan or PPM in general. Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am (Central European Time). Place: Please post your topics beforehand in this forum so I can prepare a rough agenda. Special thanks to @Alexia, @Daisy and @Mihai.Rotariu for initiating the first session of this kind a few days ago. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Regards Manuel
  5. Manuel Schneider

    Filtering by Resource Skills

    Dear @Vicky.Thompson, You are right, when allocating people on a project, you can currently only use one skill at a time to filter the list of resources. We will consider this as a suggestion for improvement, thanks for the feedback! In the resource view (lower part of the main screen "Portfolio Designer") you can filter for multiple skills at a time. Furthermore, working with roles might meet your requirement. When you start thinking about who will work on a project, you can first allocate a role because you do not have a specific person in might but rather a group of peole with similar capabilities. If you want to specify later on who will take over, you have the possibility to "staff role". Meisterplan will show a new screen after selecting this option. This screen is specifically designed to help you choose the right person for the job - also with the possibility to filter on multiple skills! See for more information and of course feel free to ask if anything does not make sense. What do you think? Regards Manuel
  6. Manuel Schneider

    Resource Management View - Gantt View

    Dear @Vicky.Thompson, Thanks for your contribution! Good to hear that the Gantt in Meisterplan helps you scheduling projects. I agree that triggering necessary discussions and decisions is one of the key purposes of Meisterplan. Concerning the resource section: as soon as you select a resource, the project list is filtered on those projects that the person is working on. This is the quickest way to find out “who does what”. By the way, this also works the other way round. Selecting a project automatically reduces the resource view to people scheduled on the selected project. Does that help you? Regards Manuel
  7. Hi @Alexia, In general, the excel file includes a sheet which determines the rank of the projects. It is difficult to discuss detail without actually seeing the file. If you want, we can take a look at the detail personally - just send the file to me if you are interested Regards Manuel
  8. Hi @Alexia, Currently, it is not possible to "lock-out" existing users from Meisterplan for a specific time period. However, I think that this is a very good feature request. I checked in our system and the idea already exists in our Backlog. We will evaluate the possibilities and keep you updated on the subject. For the moment, I would recommend you to notify all Meisterplan-users in your company e.g. by mail that you will perform the import and that they should not make changes in Meisterplan during that time (=maintenance window). To make sure that no one made changes that will get lost, I propose the following (thanks to @Thomas Quandt for the idea): 1. Create a scenario called "Alexias backup" before you export to excel 2. Make the adjustments in excel 3. Before you import back to Meisterplan: Use the scenario comparison report ( to compare "Alexias backup" to the plan of record. This way you will see if anyone made changes during the maintenance window. Does that help? Regards Manuel
  9. Hi @Mihai.Rotariu, quick summary before we go into detail: The topic/feature is still in definition. The topic proved to be more complex than it might seem to be at first glance. Especially for the question of what to do with an allocation in percent when we move an affected project along the timeline, your feedback was very helpful - thanks again! Still, we would like to collect further feedback by interested customers and need to clarify how allocations in percent would work in Meisterplan. The main goal is to make sure that we improve Meisterplan efficiently and with high quality. Furthermore, we want to stick to our promises, All topics on the hot topic list ( ) still have priority and are currently worked on. Further potential new features, like allocations in percent, will be considered after these hot topics. Best regards to Denmark and talk to you soon! Manuel
  10. Manuel Schneider

    About me - Dennis Riedel

    Hello Dennis, welcome to the Quest and thank you very much for introducing yourself! As a Customer Success Manager at Meisterplan, I would like to make sure that you achieve your goal of transparency and proper prioritization in your portfolio. Thus, why don't we meet for a websession and see how I can support you? In the meantime, feel free to post your questions in the different forums. I am sure the community is happy to help you and will also learn from your experiences when introducing PPM at TRUMPF Sales & Services. I am looking forward to working together with you! Regards Manuel
  11. Hi @Daisy, @Alexia & @Mihai.Rotariu Great to see you sharing your experiences. How about I join your session as well? I am mainly being curious about your experiences with Meisterplan and eager to learn more about your specific use cases. At the same time I might be able to answer a question or two if needed. Since I have your contact detail, I could invite you to a web session in September via email - what do you think? Regards Manuel
  12. Hi Mihai, Thanks again for your post, it contains valuable input to the development of allocations in percent. Let me quickly sum up how our current handling of allocations works and how it differs from the logic of allocations in percent. The logic behind our current way to handle allocations is the following: a project causes workload; this workload is estimated and distributed to resources or roles. In order to still be able to compare the workload, it is important that the allocation (in FTE, but also in days or hours) does not adjust to the calendar of the assigned resource. In other words: the workload does not shrink, just because a resource with less capacity is assigned to do the job. Your requirement follows a different logic: you would like to allocate a resource with a certain percentage of its capacity, no matter how many FTE/days/hours that is – don’t you? I agree that this way of planning has advantages, most of all it certainly simplifies the initial planning of a complex portfolio. Because allocations in percent are so valuable to you and other Meisterplan customers as well, we are now working on a concept of how this feature could look like. We will keep you updated in this thread. To everyone who is interested: Please don’t hesitate to join the discussion! Are allocations in percent valuable for your way of planning? How should the feature look like? Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Regards Manuel