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  1. Hi, We started to use Meisterplan at the end of 2017 starting with only one business group - we currently have 125 resources within this now. Half way through this year we began to gain interest from other teams in different business area's so we have opened up two seperate instances for their business area's. We are now looking to begin to ask all teams from all business area's to use the tool and I would be really interested to hear how other businesses have done this? We believe that we should move all back onto one instance for the ease of reporting, however this would could involve up to 1000 resources within it and more users updating. Please can people share their best practices on this as would be interesting to hear pros and cons of either situation? Many thanks Daisy
  2. Thank you for setting this up Manuel - I know there are other's from in my business who are very interested to hear from other businesses too. One of the topics I would like to hear more from others is on they define there project scoring within the system.
  3. Where I work, we are fairly new to Project Portfolio Management and Meisterplan. We have set up our portfolio's and processes now, but we are looking for the best way to use the Scenario planning. I am hoping someone may have some advice on how you have found these work best for your business? Also, we will soon be having Windows365 rolled out across the business and I am aware that there are portfolio dashboards and other Project Portfolio tools which are available. Has anyone had any experience on how you might use these with in conjuction with Meisterplan and any pros and cons for these. Look forward to any wise words or advice
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