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  1. Our new UI for Meisterplan was just released and, I’m very excited about it. Every new feature being added to Meisterplan makes it that much better for our customers. How did we decide that we needed a new UI? Well, that’s an interesting story: We were mapping our Customer Journey and realized that if we wanted to fix all of our customer’s pain points, it simply wasn’t possible to make that happen using our old UI. Our latest blog post ( https://meisterplan.com/blog/customer-journey-mapping-new-ui/ ) written by our UX designer, Simone Liegl, tells the whole story about how our Customer Journey forced us to redesign our UI. Another reason for the new UI was technology. We started Meisterplan in 2011 with the state of the art technology for that time: GWT. And now it’s all about JS. So we decided to migrate our clients to React. So now you get a new UI with new technology. And this is only the beginning. After a lot work, we now have the perfect platform to introduce a lot of improvements and new features. So I’m even more excited about the future.
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