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  1. Hi @Manuel Schneider and @Thomas Quandt, Indeed thanks for the trick, I think that will help in the meantime I tried anyway the keep and replace function, I just wanted to add some information on 2 custom fields, so I made a test with 3 projects. So I exported to Excel, deleted everything that I did not need in the excel file, completed these 2 columns for the 3 projects left, imported them. I realized that after the import, all the project were below the cut off line. What did I miss ? Do you have recommendation with these mass upload ? Should I leave all the information from the export and add the new info without deleting the projects I don't want to update ? Great to see that our needs are heard and soon transformed into features
  2. Hey Meisters ! I would like to export to Excel in order to make a quick update on a long list of project (but not all of them). Then, for the import I am not quite confident in the "keep and update" feature as I am afraid that if people do some modification in the meatime, it will not be kept. Do you have a solution ? Is it possible to freeze the edit rights for non admin users ? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi @Mihai.Rotariu, August is quite busy for me, but it might be interesting later. For how long do you use Meisterplan ?
  4. Thanks a lot Kevin, I'll try that feature in the future and let you know my impressions. I am happy that softwares cannot make critical management decision (yet), it allow us to have jobs
  5. Hello ! We are quite new liek Daisy. I already feel comfortable with what you can do with the Scenario / scenario comparison / scenario report, even if I just "playes" with it without really having to decide anything for the time being. I am wondering if there is a possibility to have a best fit : a scenario arranged by the system himself to best fit the portfolio of projects regarding the actual capacity and the actual ranking of projects (the "when") ? Our portfolio contains a lot of project and sometimes, arrange one project make another one impossible to happen...
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