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  1. Hello @Manuel Schneider Please can you let me know if this would be possible as a field option? The more we develop our process in Meisterplan, the more often this is being requested. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. Please can I request that it is possible to select more than 1 option in a lookup field? As an example, we would like to use this to have a field with the name 'IT Tool' where we can state which IT tools will be affected by Project. It may be that none, one or multiple IT tools are affected, and we would like to be able to filter on this. Looking forward to hearing back about this. Many thanks. Carly
  3. Thank you @Manuel Schneider! Do you have the correct SSL file for us to use, or do we need to configure one? If we need to configure one, please can you let me know the parameters that are needed by the Meisterplan database to be accessible for Tableau? Can't wait to play with our data - 2019 has started well! Thanks again. Carly
  4. Hello again... @Manuel Schneider - please can you confirm: - Is it a 32bit PostgreSQL driver or 64bit? - What is the database name? - What is the database password (email: carly.santer@bayer.com)? - Do we need to configure an SSL file to load the data? We are using Tableau Desktop behind a Firewall. Thanks again! Carly
  5. Thank you so much Manuel - I will take a look... Carly
  6. Hello, Is there a user guide available to help me to link a single Meisterplan Instance to Tableau Desktop? Many thanks, Carly
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