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Found 1 result

  1. You may have already seen the post about our Meisterplan and JIRA integration plans on our list of hot topics. During the last weeks we have spoken to a number of customers and partners about what they’d like to see in a JIRA + Meisterplan integration. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far and please continue to give us input. We received so many great suggestions that we could easily spend the next 6 months building everyone’s wish-list of features ? But we don't want to keep you waiting so long! And I'm convinced that the first feature set will be a significant improvement for many people when working with Meisterplan and JIRA. Our plan for v1: once configured, there will be 3 simple steps to create a transparent and feasible plan by using Meisterplan and JIRA (see design mock-up below): 1. Import the name of an item (Epic, Release or Project) as a Meisterplan project. The project will be automatically linked to the JIRA object within Meisterplan. 2. Enter the resource allocations for this project in Meisterplan 3. You will immediately see which issues are open and can be delivered by the provided allocation – and, maybe, the issues which cannot be done with the given allocation That´s it! And as the name ‘linked System' says, it´s a connection but not an full data import. You will not have to maintain data in two systems. The management planning stays in Meisterplan while the work management stays in JIRA. Our new view in Meisterplan will create a visual link. Of course, we will also provide some additional features for usability, but basically steps 1 to 3 will enable you to create a plan that works with your JIRA data. Looking forward to the release, Stefan
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