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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, my name is Valerie Strohm. Here at Meisterplan, I work as a Business Development Consultant. My job title sounds quite generic – and it actually is. My tasks are very diverse. On the one hand, I work on projects to constantly improve our own business processes. On the other hand, being part of the customer success team, I give advice and support to our customers on their first steps with Meisterplan. Customer success is a matter close to my heart –I was already very interested in this topic while at University. Consequently, for my Master’s thesis I researched customer experience management in the digital age as a means for companies to become really customer-centric. I found that customer engagement in communities is a good way to learn from customers and other stakeholders. I also participate in the Quest because it’s my personal aspiration to persistently develop and evolve myself. I would love to exchange with you on how we all can make plans that really work. And at the same time, I am curious about your recommendations, unmet needs and daily struggles…this brings us a long way in prioritizing our projects with the ultimate goal of better and better support for our customers and catering to their needs. ? In my spare time, I love to spend time outside – be it skiing or cross-country skiing in the wintertime, or group work-outs in the green spaces around Tuebingen in the summer time. I also love to travel, to practice and hone my foreign language skills (as of yet English, French and Spanish) and to engage with foreign cultures & people.
  2. We at Meisterplan believe that a personal relationship goes beyond all e-mail traffic and online how-tos. Therefore, I want to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Quandt (age changes by the year) and my business card reads Customer Success Manager. In my role, I am responsible for the product & process consulting and the customer relationship management at Meisterplan. This alone includes more than enough words to win the next round of buzzword bingo. So what is it really about? It is not about telling you how the world works or giving you the answer to the ‘Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything’. It is about helping you achieve your goal of implementing successful PPM to save time and nerves and start making plans that work! During my years as a project manager and key account manager in the core banking software business, I have more than once wished for a reliable and lasting prioritization and planning process as a basis for my everyday work. During my web sessions and workshops with our customers, I learned that I am not the only one with this wish. This is why I fully back the concept of PPM in general and Meisterplan in particular with what I do and what I am. In my free time, I spend most of the time with my dogs. For some strange reason, I am keeping faith in them to one day be able to walk by my side without strangling themselves with the leash, to Sit! and Wait! and otherwise just be nice and look good. And not shed their hair all over my business suits, for a change. Until that day comes, I will have to keep walking them through the cold German rain and yell and – oh well, please never change. Another spare time favorite of mine is consuming every bit and piece of American Football to be found on German TV. Which is not nearly enough, in my mind. In fact, I struggled hard to make this quest become a Football forum – but very obviously I was overruled by my more professionally acting colleagues. Anyway. Go Pack Go! As an active part of this quest I am very much looking forward to your contribution, your input and questions. I will happily provide you with my experience and share thoughts, ideas and best practice approaches with you! ‘nuff said. Let’s go join the quest.
  3. Hi, I’m Christoph Hirnle, and I am one of the CEOs at Meisterplan. I mainly focus on advancing the Lean PPM Community and Method, on making sure our customers are successful, on driving the product forward, and last, not least, on bringing together a great team. A life lesson that I have learned is that opening our minds to diversity and new ideas brings richness to our lives both professionally and personally. I apply that principle to our business. I want to hear from our customers and anyone who finds our topics relevant. I want to innovate together. I’ve invented the Lean PPM method in our attempt to find a way to make plans that work, but this method is not complete. I want to work to come up with new ideas and continually improve our method, processes and tool. Some quick facts on me: * Born in Poland, grew up in Germany * Degrees in Computer Science & Management, PhD in Economics (Oxford Brookes, London School of Economics, University of Munich, Bocconi Milan) * Management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), primarily working for Tech clients (Software, Device, Services, Telco) * Managing director and head of product at 3C, a cloud company that automates the insurance claims process * Meisterplan foosball rank on March 8, 2018: 10 (down 8 places since January!)
  4. Hello everybody, and welcome to the Quest! If you're interested, here's a little something about myself. My name is Matthias Gidda, and I'm the Online Enablement Manager here at Meisterplan. What does this mean, you ask? It means I make sure that our users have all the online guides (see our Meisterplan Help Center) and video tutorials (see our Meisterplan YouTube channel) they need to become Meisterplan Pros in no time. I've been with the company since 2016, and I live near Tuebingen, Germany, where Meisterplan is based. Now why am I a part of the Quest? See, for as long as I can think, I tried to push (not to say nag :-)) myself and others to become better organized and more efficient in order to better reach our goals. I constantly think about how tasks and work stuff in general can get done better. Now the reason why I'm like that may be a bit weird, but I want to tell you anyway: I truly believe that we as humans have to get our house in order - our societies, our planet, our species' long-term survival. The sun will stop radiating energy at some point in the future, and if we as a species want to survive, we need to leave this solar system sometime before that. And every failed project, every wasted resource, every preventable disaster takes resources away from getting our house in order. That reasoning may sound bonkers to some, but it's what drives me. Call it obsessive long-term thinking :-) So, that's why I want to be part of this Quest to search for better ways of organizing work in a multi-project environment, because that's how a good part of humanity spends much of their time. I can learn so much from you guys, and I'm sure together we can find better ways of working together. Every successful meeting, every good decision made in my and in your organization as a result of this Quest will make humanity's hop to another planet a little bit more likely. Regarding the Quest forum, I moderate the Know-How section so you'll probably catch me there. Feel free to get in touch! What's more to say about me? Whenever my productive energy is used up, I like to refill my batteries by taking a walk through our beautiful South German landscape, watch a good movie (they seem to get fewer recently, right?) or play an exciting computer game.
  5. Hi, my name is Stefan Schneider and I’m the Head of Product Management at Meisterplan. I’ve always been enthusiastic about what information and communication can achieve. I have noticed that the informatic view with data and protocols is not sufficient for me. To talk to people, exchange ideas and advance topics together, that is what I want to do. Fulfilled by these wishes, I have found a fascinatingly suitable area: product management. Everyone within the organization wants to talk to me and get information or share their own information – all the time. I think I need that, too, and it's an incentive for me to steer everything into organized paths, so that it is not only nice small talk. Rather, it is incredibly fun (most of the time, anyway ;-) ) to gain benefits for all parties involved. No matter if as knowledge or tool. In the quest, I'll be responsible for letting you know what new features are coming soon. In addition, I am pleased about passionate discussions, which features make Meisterplan as a (lean) PPM tool even better for all project workers of this world.
  6. Hey everybody, if you are reading this, then welcome to the quest to make plans that work! I'd like to start off the first thread in the Meisterplan family forum by introducing myself. My name is Karoline Holicky. I'm the Marketing Director here at Meisterplan, and I've been with the company since 2015. I've spent a good portion of my professional career in Houston, Texas, but I've also lived and worked in Seattle, Indianapolis, Boulder, and Tuebingen, Germany. I bring 15 years of professional experience in multiple industries including financial services, IT & software, engineering, and oil & gas. I am very interested in ways to make companies more successful, and I think project portfolio management and resource management that really works is a great way to increase the success of an organization. Every company makes plans, but how often do they really work? Can we improve this process? Can we find a way to ensure that our key employees are not overbooked, and our most important projects can be completed in a timely fashion with the right people? How do we determine what those important projects are anyway? These are the questions that I ask myself everyday. I like to research, talk to people and find out what the current trends are, and most importantly find out best practices and what is actually working for people. I also LOVE to write, so I take what I've learned from my research and discussions, and turn those into blog posts on https://meisterplan.com/blog/ (Shameless plug!) But seriously, I think we have some excellent content there, so please check it out, and let me know what you find helpful. Send me a message if there are topics you'd like to read more about. On a more personal note: I spend my free time playing Uno and Parcheesi with my husband and 5 year old daughter. We also love to go camping, hiking, climbing and pretty much anything outdoors. I love to travel to new places, meet the locals, learn about the culture, and try my best at new languages! Beach vacations are my absolute favorite - a combination of swimming, snorkeling, diving and relaxing - can't get any better than that! I am an avid reader, but have switched to audiobooks in recent years because I can get things done while listening to books, which is a must for a working mom. I am very excited to be a part of this quest. I think we have the chance to really improve the way we work and co-innovate. I look forward to meeting new people, sharing what I've learned, and most importantly learning from all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. Don't be shy, please add a quick post telling us about yourself and why you've joined the quest!
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