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Hi, I’m Christoph Hirnle, and I am one of the CEOs at Meisterplan.

I mainly focus on advancing the Lean PPM Community and Method, on making sure our customers are successful, on driving the product forward, and last, not least, on bringing together a great team.

 A life lesson that I have learned is that opening our minds to diversity and new ideas brings richness to our lives both professionally and personally. I apply that principle to our business. I want to hear from our customers and anyone who finds our topics relevant. I want to innovate together. I’ve invented the Lean PPM method in our attempt to find a way to make plans that work, but this method is not complete. I want to work to come up with new ideas and continually improve our method, processes and tool.


Some quick facts on me:

* Born in Poland, grew up in Germany

* Degrees in Computer Science & Management, PhD in Economics (Oxford Brookes, London School of Economics, University of Munich, Bocconi Milan)

* Management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), primarily working for Tech clients (Software, Device, Services, Telco)

* Managing director and head of product at 3C, a cloud company that automates the insurance claims process 

* Meisterplan foosball rank on March 8, 2018: 10 (down 8 places since January!)

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