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Filtering by Resource Skills

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Within a typical resource pool there are multiple skills, competencies and capabilities which need to be collated into a single source and then used to identify resources for projects.

Not requesting a named resource but for a resource with certain skills (especially when a large resource pool is available) is the long-term goal. Within Meisterplan filtering is only possible by 1 skill at a time (even though multiple skills per resource are stored in Meisterplan), however, when more than 1 skill is required the identification of resources becomes manual.

Linkied to the 'Resource Management View - Gantt' the identification of impact on projects by moving resources, with identified skills, competencies and capabilities will be easier.

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Dear @Vicky.Thompson,

You are right, when allocating people on a project, you can currently only use one skill at a time to filter the list of resources. We will consider this as a suggestion for improvement, thanks for the feedback! In the resource view (lower part of the main screen "Portfolio Designer") you can filter for multiple skills at a time. 


Furthermore, working with roles might meet your requirement. When you start thinking about who will work on a project, you can first allocate a role because you do not have a specific person in might but rather a group of peole with similar capabilities. If you want to specify later on who will take over, you have the possibility to "staff role".


Meisterplan will show a new screen after selecting this option. This screen is specifically designed to help you choose the right person for the job - also with the possibility to filter on multiple skills! See for more information and of course feel free to ask if anything does not make sense.

What do you think?



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@Manuel Schneider many thanks for your response, to my query and look forward to having the option to select specifically based on skills only, as skills can be across multiple roles and in a fast moving and large resource pool this would be significantly beneficial, and with the identification of future resource needs (interim and long-term).

The option re roles is very useful and the ability to staff and replace once a resource is identified from the role group is a good function.  

kind regards

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