Growing use of Meisterplan - should we be using once instance or break down into individual instance for each business areas?

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We started to use Meisterplan at the end of 2017 starting with only one business group - we currently have 125 resources within this now. Half way through this year we began to gain interest from other teams in different business area's so we have opened up two seperate instances for their business area's. We are now looking to begin to ask all teams from all business area's to use the tool and I would be really interested to hear how other businesses have done this? We believe that we should move all back onto one instance for the ease of reporting, however this would could involve up to 1000 resources within it and more users updating. Please can people share their best practices on this as would be interesting to hear pros and cons of either situation? 

Many thanks


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Interesting question, and one that probably doesn't have one 'right' answer.
You have a number of factors to take into account, for example:

  • Do the projects for the different business areas use a shared pool of resources? If resources are strictly within different business areas, what's the benefit of a combined instance?
  • How different are the requirements for the different groups of users? If the business areas have different key custom fields, project stage gates, scoring attributes etc., perhaps it's better to maintain separate instances.
  • How confidential is your data? Meisterplan allows portfolio owners to see other work that their resources are using (though they can't affect it)
  • What are your reporting requirements? If it's necessary to provide a view across the whole of the company's activity, then it makes sense to have a combined site with all projects, resources, dependencies?
  • Do you have a BI tool that could aggregate the data from different Meisterplan instances, to give an overall view?

As I said at the start, not an answer, but some thoughts that make help you towards the right answer for you. Have other customers followed a similar route? 

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