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Matthias Gidda

Released: Combined Reporting for Projects, Allocations and Capacities (Hot Topic)

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We have started on the development of the Hot Topic "Combined Reporting for Projects, Allocations, and Capacities". 

This will allow users to evaluate resource capacities and allocations simultaneously in a single report.

We are also planning further improvements, such as clearer analysis of allocations, over-allocations, and remaining capacity, as well as the ability to configure options such as Time Slicing Period and Allocation Unit directly in the report rather than having to switch to Reports view. 

The Help Center will provide instructions explaining how existing reports can be changed to the new format.

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Hi everyone,

Here is a first glimpse into how we’ll enable you to combine project, resource and allocation data into a single report when using Meisterplan integrated pivot reports.
In the Field Chooser, you’ll be able to select from all field types:


With this, you’ll be able, for example, to pull up a report that shows you who is assigned to each project, their current allocation and if they have remaining Net Capacity. From there, you’ll instantly know who can take on additional work required for the project:


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Hello Martha, so sorry for the late reply. 

We have recently released some minor improvements to our reports (see the Release Notes here) but we haven’t yet completed the combined reporting for allocations and capacity that is referred to in this thread. Our current estimate for this is around the end of June. Per your question, we do expect that this will include the ability to show charts that include both allocations and capacity simultaneously. Some of these features are still being finalized so they are subject to change a little.

I’ll post future updates to this thread, so follow along and you should see more progress within the next few weeks.

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We are excited to announce that combined reporting for projects, allocations and capacities is now available. This allows you to view allocation and capacity in a single chart, and reduces the number of reports to be maintained. Be sure to check out the full Release Notes here, as we’ve made a lot of adjustments to make configuring and running reports easier! 

What do you think of our latest update? We'd love to hear from you, so please comment here or contact us at cs@meisterplan.com.

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