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Last week we dedicated our Meisterplan Round Table to the financial section of Meisterplan. This time we had a constructive discussion with a total of 6 participants. Thank you all for contributing to this open exchange and sharing your thoughts, questions, experience, and ideas!

What is the background of discussing the financial section?

Sharing the experience in using the financial section, to learn more about the benefits and use case of working with finances in Meisterplan

What did we discuss? 

  • The logic of the financial section
  • How cost and benefit are created and what is included
  • How to create portfolio budgets
  • Use cases and Q&A

You find a PDF file with minutes of our Meisterplan Round Table here. Please feel free to post more questions on how to employ the financial section below.

What's next?

For the next Meisterplan Round Tables, the participants proposed

  1. Jira (20.03.2019)
  2. Excel Backups

Sign up here for the next dates, but be quick, spots are limited to 10 participants.

What we would also really like to discuss are your success stories:

  1. What are your benefits of working with Meisterplan?
  2. How did you implement PPM and what were your biggest challenges?
  3. If you could start over again, what would you do differently?

What do you think? We’re curious to hear from you via support@meisterplan.com or talk to you at our next Meisterplan Round Table!

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Dear Meisterplanners, 

in our Round Table last week we had a really great discussion on best practices in using portfolios and scenarios. Thanks to all the participants for your contribution and the open exchange! You can find the minutes of our discussion here:Minutes of Round Table June 2019.pdf

Please feel free to post relating question here or contact us via cs@meisterplan.com

In the next Round Table in July we will take a look at the combined reporting for projects, allocation s and capacities which we released today. Make sure to register soon :)

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