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Fabian Zeitvogel

Which reports help you make functioning plans?

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In project portfolio management (PPM), as in many other disciplines, reporting methods are receiving more and more attention. We have seen this when talking to our users as well as when organizing our internal data. Based on our experience, reporting appears to be an integral part of functioning PPM processes. A good report that condenses the right information greatly facilitates decision making. A well thought-out dashboard is invaluable for communicating your plans to your colleagues.

While the benefits are obvious, it may not be straightforward to set up a productive report. It can be complicated to get the data organized and to handle the chosen visualization tool. Once the first obstacles are overcome, you can easily get distracted by creating intricate diagrams - which may look impressive, but do not automatically help your case.

In this section, we would like to ask you to share your experiences on how reports have helped (or impeded) your processes. What type of report do you think is best suited for a particular question? Are your reports achieving your goals? How frequently do your colleagues use your reports? Can you successfully use the reports to give management all the information they require? We are intent on your input.

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Here's another thought:

Use reports & KPIs to improve your decision making in PPM.

But make sure your PPM process generates an tangible outcome. Here are two potential KPIs for that:

1) The Portfolio board made clear decisions re priorities and resource commitments: yes/no

2) Percentage of people in the organization who are informed of and understand the board’s decisions within 1 week of the meeting

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