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Hi All,

a very quick question. What does everyone here do with completed projects? That is:

  • do you remove (delete) the project from plan of record once it completes?
  • do you create a new scenario for completed projects and move completed projects there (though I can't find an easy way of doing this)?
  • do you just move completed projects to the bottom of the plan of record below cut-off (does not make a lot of logical sense)?

Wanted to get some thoughts and thanks in advance.

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Hi Almirz, 

thank you for your question. There are two good options to remove completed projects from your current plan of record.

1. You can create two portfolios: a) portfolio "Current projects" (includes projects in all stages except completed projects) an b) portfolio "Completed projects" (includes projects in stage "completed") > I would prefer this option. You  find more information how to do it in this helpcenter article .

2. Change the date range (Month before current = 1, see screenshot). By changing the date range, all completed projects before the chosen range will be excluded from the portfolio and disappear (alas they have a financial event within the set date range). This is a user specific setting though, which also impacts your reports, so if you want to use it, be aware that reports might show different numbers than for your colleagues. 

Does this help you? 

Change Date Range.png

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