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Chris Pearson

Report Functionality

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I have a couple of comments on report functionality 

  1. It would be good if i could disable either the horizontal or Vertical grand totals. When exporting to excel this makes it harder to create lookup tables etc.
  2. The Scroll bars in the reports page are not obvious and we have had quite a few of our people struggle with this.
  3. Not being able to hide parents but keep child relationship data could be better, for instance.  I would like to hide Resource Department 1,2 & 4 fields and only show Resource Department 3 
  4. if i could add a custom formula field this would be excellent
  5. not sure why i can not add the calendar field  to a report? 
  6. when I add new fields to MP it would be great if i could also use these fields in my report.



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Re 1) The idea to configure the visibility of grand total rows and columns is part of our backlog and we increased the priority.

Re 2) This is an issue with the 3rd party reporting component we are using, so this is out of our direct access. I created a support ticket to pass this issue to the vendor.

Re 3) We have not considered this feature yet. The challenge here is that for some (especially new) users the handling is probably easier if all department fields are automatically added as a block, so we would have to make it configurable here whether the fields can be used as a block or independently.

Re 4) This idea is in our backlog but we do not have detailed plans to realize this feature yet. 

Re 5) Would a single field (e.g. "USA/Texas") be sufficient or is the calendar hierarchy required as with OBS fields (Calendar 1="USA", Calendar 2="Texas")?

Re 6) You can already use custom fields in reports of type "Pivot & Charts: Projects/Allocations/Financials". Open the field configuration menu in the report and you will find them in the "Project" section.

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I would also add that it would be preferable to be able to search through a field rather than scrolling through the list to select/deselect, ie: go through a list of projects and select specific ones that you want to report to.

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